Ages two to three

Our youngest children join us around the age of two and become part of a small group of explorers.  We strive to make their first school experience one in which they feel safe, loved and cared for, all the while learning the routines and responsibilities of being a member of a classroom (and school) community. Children work with mud, paint, clay, sand, water and more to develop fine and gross motor skills and to practice new ways of expressing themselves. From toileting to feeding to playing with peers, we work with each child to support social, emotional, cognitive, sensory, and physical development. Our rhythmic, naturally paced days, surrounded by nature, beautiful materials, and attentive teachers, create a perfect environment for our youngest learners to thrive and grow.

Children in our toddlers program may attend two days, three days, or  five days per week. This is a full-day program; we do not have half-day openings. Children join us for meals and rest time. Acceptance into the program is dependent on the individual child’s readiness to thrive in a group environment.