Imagine preschoolers making sense of their world through close observations of the flora and fauna around them —  touching, sorting, counting, and identifying, then drawing what they see or later translating these ideas into artful expressions with a range of beautiful materials.

Imagine them beginning to learn how they fit in this same space,  using their whole bodies and adventurous spirits for trail-blazing and surveying their surroundings, and then translating those experiences into map-making projects or dramatic play  with the open-ended materials and natural features of our rustic property.

Imagine a school where children learn the meaning of community every day.  At its core, ERS is a place where social-emotional development is paramount. Supporting children  as they navigate their own emotions and learn to communicate and collaborate with others is the foundation of everything else we do.

Imagine a school where your family feels supported and connected. At ERS families participate in educational programs, social events, and opportunities to give back to the community through volunteering alongside their children and other families.

The Eastern Ridge School is all of this and more. It is an extended family where children and families are nurtured in mind, body and spirit and learn how truly capable they are.